Meditation Club makes a comeback

Allie Harvey, Features and News Editor

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Meditation Club was ran last year by Allie Porter, an exemplary language arts teacher and meditation master. The meetings were scheduled out a month in advance so that club members could pick and choose what activities they’d want to participate in. Each activity offered unique instruction and different kinds of yoga and meditation. Students could choose from restorative yoga, Asana, instructed meditation, and restorative meditation. At each meeting, the students knew what they were getting into, and knew exactly what to expect. Ms. Porter created a safe, relaxing, and peaceful environment in the walls of a school that encases students in stress and panic. Many people looked forward to the nearly weekly meetings that helped them recharge. The meditation club, officially known as the BAM (Bending, Asana, Meditation) club was an opportunity to detox from the chaotic high school life.

Ms. Porter, now known as Mrs. Boley, is currently on maternity leave and isn’t planning on coming back to Riverton for a couple years so that she can take care of her new baby. Since her leave last year, the meditation club is no longer an official club, but there are several students who are trying to reform it unofficially.

The reformed club is supervised by Mrs. Rush, who often takes time out of her lessons to have students meditate to help alleviate any negative feelings the student might be experiencing. Since the club isn’t official for the 2017-2018 year, the meetings are harder to find out about, but isn’t entirely impossible. The first meeting will be after Christmas break when the spirit of Silver Rush is dwindling and the prospect of normal school starts sinking in for Riverton students. Keep your eyes out for notices on meeting times and new activities. Because it isn’t an official club, there are no club fees! Come to the first meditation club for an amazing time, and get rid of all that post-Christmas stress. Bring a yoga mat, wear comfy clothes, and show up with an open mind.