No Food or Drink on the Second Floor

Denelle Durling, Editor in Chief

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Sometimes the traces of old rules that may have once been necessary are left behind for people to marvel at. Old laws that seem ridiculous now are often the topic of entertaining articles, even if sometimes they weren’t actually real. Sometimes, old rules can exist on a smaller scale too, like right here at Riverton High School.

Many students have noticed that there is a sign on the stairs leading to the second floor that reads “No Food or Drink on the Second Floor.” Yet there are vending machines up there, and lots of people eat lunch up there. So are we allowed to eat on the second floor? It seems so. So why is there a sign saying that we are not allowed?

Curious, I went to the office to ask, but the lady at the desk in the main office didn’t know. She told me to ask one of the administrators. So, off I went down the hall to see if anyone was in their office. Sure enough, Curtis Hagen was in his office, so I peeked in to ask him this extremely important question.

Apparently, this “No Food or Drink on the Second Floor” used to be a rule before Herriman split off, and Riverton was the largest school around. There were just too many students. The rule was to keep everyone downstairs during lunch time so that classes could continue peacefully upstairs. There weren’t any vending machines upstairs back then. Now that there are not nearly as many students, the rule is not necessary. According to Hagen, the sign hasn’t been taken down because it leaves an ugly mark behind, as is evidenced on a couple flights of stairs where the sign has been taken down.

So go ahead and eat lunch upstairs, use the vending machines upstairs, etc., you won’t need to fear getting in trouble– not anymore.