Eight Year Old Boy’s Hunger Serves as a Driving Force


Aimee Scott, Sports, Clubs, and Humor Editor

The candidates for Miss America are often criticized for using the cliche, to “end world hunger” as their platform. But have you ever felt what it’s like to be hungry? How awful would it be to feel that way all of the time. Recently an eight year old boy in Ohio decided to end his hunger by watching a YouTube video to learn how to drive his younger sister, his piggy bank, and himself to McDonald’s.


Eyewitnesses stated that this little boy drove a mile safely across railroad tracks and intersections, following traffic laws. The employees at the McDonald’s drive thru thought they were being pranked when the small child handed them his piggy bank to purchase the cheeseburger without adult supervision.


The questions everyone has on their minds now are, “what video did this kid watch?” “Will it be replacing driver’s education teachers in the future?” It is unbelievable what skills we have access to now because of the internet. RHS student, Abbey Cassamajor told Silver Scribe that she learns how to style her hair everyday from watching YouTube videos and Marissa Payne developed the talent of overtone singing from a YouTube search.


No charges will be filed against this clever adolescent. That kid is my hero, he is definitely going places in life. But the distance he travels in the future may be limited for another eight years until he can legally operate a vehicle. (Sorry, that was a little cheesy.)


United Kingdom newspaper, Independent, reported that, “After being approached by police, the young boy is reported to have burst into tears, immediately realising he had done something wrong. Speaking through tears, he told the officer that he had really wanted a cheeseburger.”
The moral of this story is that hunger is a powerful motivator. To find out ways you can satisfy the appetites of those in your community you can visit https://www.utahfoodbank.org/