One Last Text

Lexie Auger, Co Editor in Chief

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One last text, sorry it’ll be quick. Do you have a charger, my phone is almost dead? I need some headphones, can I borrow some?  Phrases heard just as much as hello and goodbye. People today can’t imagine the feeling of not having a phone or some kind of technological source near by. Does instant technology help or hinder people of today? Considering the fact that people spend half of the day on their phone, that should be a subtle hint. Instant communication hinders people from reaching their full potential because of how much we depend on it. As helpful as it can be, it can also be a barrier.

“90% of teenagers are on their phones, sometimes it’s relevant, most times it isn’t. We just get bored and it’s our turn to.” says Nathan Headrick, a senior.

With technology being controlled with a touch of a finger, face to face communication has gone almost extinct. We are constantly being bombarded by technology and there is no escape route. Businesses now are solely relying on technology which hinders the social aspect of life as we know it. We as humans, are meant to communicate face to face not through a glass screen. Because of the social norm being altered, studies have shown that people who are constantly using technology to assist their work, are more likely to develop social problems. Eye contact is something that is nearly avoided at all costs. Without it, we have become a different people.

Tyler Nelson also agrees with this theory, “Technology has become very beneficial but it isn’t being used for it’s intended purpose. It doesn’t have a communication base anymore.”

Besides the fact that everyone is becoming antisocial, everything is becoming a popularity contest. Number of likes, retweets, filters used, the list goes on. All because of higher beings we call celebrities. Whose job is it to tell us who we are and what we should accomplish in life? The sad part is the fact that people are willing to change according to some image that they value as important. As a human population, we should avoid being “duplicated” because that’s exactly what’s taking place. We are all drones of an unknown source, duplicating ourselves to “fit in”.

Yes, I do have a phone charger but let your phone die. Look up every once in awhile. There’s no need to stick those white seashells called headphones in your ears because the sound of life is all you need. People today need to stop taking the power of technology for granted because believe it or not, people have grown up and taken on life before us without it. Stop wasting time looking down on through the glass screen and look up on life.