Holiday cheer lives on

Holiday cheer lives on

Taylor Eakle, Features and News

Upon entering the Newspaper lab in room 2405, besides Henriksen’s big nosed skater drawing, you may notice the newly decorative lights hanging around the whiteboard. These green stringed lights of red, green, and blue have been set up by none other than Danika Nageli, Haley Bolton, and yours truly.

On a slow winter writing day in the newsroom, we three students rummaged through cracks and corner of the classroom in search of inspiration. The lights were the first of many inspiring objects to be found. Nageli felt that our classroom “could use some lightening up,” referring to more than just the lights.

With tape in hand and permission from Henriksen, we unraveled the mess of bulbs. The now untangled strand rested in our hands to bring light. Step one was to find a resting place for our new finding. The white board seemed like the perfect candidate seeing that it rest in the front of the classroom displaying important information, so we set up. Step two was finding an outlet to plug the lights into. About two feet to the left  of the board, we found the outlet we had been looking for.

After draping the strand to form our creation, we lit up our inspiration of light. Moments later, a switch was found where we could change the brightness and rhythm of the lights. Haley Bolton commented that “some of the setting are crazy but we enjoyed putting them up for the season.” We finally decided on  setting where the lights flash on and off momentary, switching off the brightness of different light bulbs each time. Gabby Gordon commented on this particular setting giving her anxiety “but it’s okay” because we are being festive.

Upon returning to school after our holiday break, the lights remain up. Although they have not been plugged in since our last class, the lights seem to have their place in the classroom for the rest of the year and hopefully years to come.