The most wonderful time of the year

Alyssa Noyce, Staff Writer

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November 1st is a day that is known for multiple purposes. One of them would be stuffing your face with all the candy that you got the previous night. Another would be the beginning of the Hallmark Christmas movies. You know the ones I’m talking about. They’re the gut-wrenching Christmas movies that have you stuffing your face with gingerbread cookies and hot chocolate as tears pour down your face from all the sappiness that these movies contain. They’re the movies that have you belting out every lyric to your favorite Christmas carols. They’re the movies that bring families together. Hallmark Christmas movies are one of the highlights of the Christmas season, and they begin on November 1st of every year.

The Hallmark Channel, which used to be known as the American Christian Television System, the Vision Interfaith Satellite Network, and the Faith and Values Channel began on August 5, 2001. The channel had previously only focused on religious programming, but had dropped it and began to focus on family-oriented shows and movies in 2001. The network’s shows are made for TV and are known as family friendly and inspirational. The shows focus on family, love, holidays and the struggles of the everyday life.

I wouldn’t say the family filled movies are the best part of the Hallmark Channel, though. It’s the day after Halloween when things start to get a little bit better on this channel. Your television sets are full of snowy backgrounds, your kitchens are full of warm mugs, and a good family evening (or date night) turns into everyone huddling up with blankets in front of the tv. You’ve probably guessed it. It’s the start of the Hallmark Christmas movies. They begin in November, but they last until about January, so even after the holidays are over, you are still able to douse yourself in the Christmas spirit.

Every year there are a new round of Christmas movies released to the public, each with a fascinating story to tell. Hallmark began it’s frenzy on Christmas movies in 2002. Their first Christmas movie was called, “Santa Jr” and came out on December 6 of that year. It is centered around Santa’s son, who is arrested for trespassing while he is delivering toys. Their most recent Christmas movie is called, “Christmas Land” and it will be released on December 20, 2015. In the 2015 season, Hallmark will release a compilation of seventeen Christmas movies.

So if you ever find yourself bored with nothing to do, grab your hot chocolate and blankets and flip your TV onto the Hallmark channel. You will find yourself engulfed in an array of Christmas stories that you will remember for a lifetime.