5 must-read scary stories

Dee Bucio, Staff Writer

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Zombie HandWhat terrifies us? Is it the sense of mortality and the fear of death? Small spiders?

Yes, all are scary, but what I’m more focused on are scary stories. Something that we want to be scared by, something that we want to send chills down our spines and keeps us awake at night. So for all the people out there who love scary things, I’ve compiled a small list of scary stories for you.

All of these stories can be found at creepypastsa.net for your terrified pleasure.

  1. I am the apocalypse.

Its a very interesting story. After the end of the world, zombies become reality and one of the most unanswered questions is, how do the zombies feel about everything? This story tackles the thoughts and experiences of our own freshly turned zombie, and the interesting situations that occur. The story isn’t terribly long and is very much worth the payoff that is an exciting ending. As it is at the bottom of this list it would be a second choice, but I still rate it at a 7/10.

  1. Stickler

No one likes the rules, much less the people who are so controlled by them. The brother who would tell on you if you took an extra cookie from the jar is the absolute bane of many people’s childhood existence, but rules are set for a reason are they not? This story explores the reasons behind those set rules, and what may happen if gone unfollowed….

The story overall is very well paced and enticing. It has you wondering about the horror until the end. It’s great if you have some free time or just want to send chills down your spine, I rate it at 8/10.

  1. Kairos

The end of the world is nigh but what more terrifying than destruction? This story explains how through humans never ending need to gain power, we doom ourselves to the worst possible fate imaginable.

The story is fairly short and is a nice simple read, but still puts darkness into its words that leaves its reader with worries of fiction meeting reality in the worst possible way. I give this story a 8.5/10

  1. Autopilot
  2. Everyone has a routine, even if its just brushing your teeth, but what happens when our route is interrupted? This story shows the horror behind forgetting one small detail. The story itself is very good in both writing and ideas behind it, and really shows how a forgetful nature might kill. This story earns a 9/10

    1. Skinwalker

    If you’ve been on the internet at anytime over the past couple of years, you’ve probably heard of the rake. It’s a popular creepypasta story and has gotten a lot of attention.This version of the popular story follows a young boy and his terrifying encounter with something of demonic proportions. The story is very well written and has earned a nice, 9.5/10.