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2016-2017 Staff

Jaycie Caldwell

Staff Writer

Jaycie L Caldwell is from Enoch, a small town in southern Utah. She has lived in Enoch, Draper, and Riverton but has never moved out of the state. She is graduating a semester early from Riverton High School. Jaycie has worked ...

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Aimee Scott

Sports & Clubs / Humor Editor

Aimee Scott is the oldest of six children, her family members are her best friends. Scoring 99% “Blue” on the Hartman personality color code, she lives with her heart on her sleeve. Her favorite activity is clubbing (the stude...

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Danika Nageli

A&E / Opinion Editor

Danika Lynn Nageli is a 17 year old Riverton high senior. She has worked for a horse trainer, Papa Murphy's (for about a week), a personal taxi driver for her siblings, a professional errand runner for her parents, and her curren...

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Brandon Licea

Staff Writer

Brandon Licea is from Bluffdale, Utah. Some accomplishments he has recieved are student of the month a few times and an “I Believe In Me” award when he was in 6th grade. He’s done taekwondo, and almost had Black belt, unti...

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Orin Kelsch

Staff Writer

Orin Kelsch has only lived in Midvale and Bluffdale, but has also been to Anaheim California. He is also currently working as a sweeper at Kauri Sue Hamilton School. He will also work for his dad on weekends every once in awhil...

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Alexis Jones

Staff Writer

Alexis Jones is a senior at Riverton High School. Alexis is 17 years old. She has been to three different schools for the four years that she has been in high school. Those schools were Hillcrest High, Skyline High, and now Riv...

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Kassidy Holt

Staff Writer

Kassidy Holt is a senior at Riverton high school. She enjoys dancing, playing the piano, and working at her local dress rental shop. During her sophomore and junior year she was a member of the Riverton silverline drill team,...

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Gabby Gordon

Editor In Chief

Ever since beginning at RHS, Gabby has loved her experience.  She has taken three photography classes and she is currently in AP Photo.  Her love and passion for photography has taken her to look into multiple different career ...

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Brock Chapman

Staff Writer

Brock Chapman is a senior at Riverton High School. You might know him, odds are you don't though. He comes from a family of 5 with two younger brothers, one is a sophomore and one is in 8th grade, along with his parents and 3 do...

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Haley Bolton

Editor In Chief

Haley Bolton is a junior at Riverton High School. She is the current editor in chief of The Silver Scribe. She attended South Hills Middle School and Terra Linda Elementary. After graduation she wants to attend a journalism ba...

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Dylan Baynard

Staff Writer

Dylan Baynard currently lives in the town of Sandy, Utah. He has jumped around from house to house alternating from his dad’s and his mom’s. Currently he attends Riverton High School and will be graduating at the end of the...

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Easton Ballard

Staff Writer

Easton Ballard is a senior at Riverton high. He enjoys long moonlight walks on the beach and reading romance novels by candlelight. He cried during The Notebook and Titanic. He knows Phantom of the Opera.  Has an obsession w...

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Lexie Auger

Co Editor in Chief

A blonde. An artist. A girl with a dream. A connoisseur of music. A snowboarder. A chaser of the future. A pursuer. A dreamer. An optimist. Lover of the outside world. Scared to grow up. Ecstatic to get out into reality. The lost la...

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Taylor Eakle

Features / News Editor

Taylor Eakle, a senior at RHS, received private education at North Star Academy previous to Riverton High School. At her home in Riverton, Taylor lives with both her parents and tends to her little brother while her two older sib...

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